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A Trip to the Lost Village

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Hoa Van was ever the village of the lepers who lived isolated from the outside world although their leprosy was healed long long time ago. The village could only be accessed by boat or by a trail through the forest.

Yellow sandy beach

In 2012 the village was moved into the mainland ending its nearly 50-year existence. It is planned that a luxury resort worth 5 billion USD will be built here.

Just a narrow trail

So far, there has been no road to this place. I biked along the trail and had to carry my bike on my shoulders climbing down the mountain. I saw some boys and girls having camped on the beach since the night before and waved my hand saying hello to them. Thinking that I asked for their help, the two boys climbed up the mountain and carried my bike for me.

Not easy

I thought I could ride on the beach but I couldn’t because the wheels sank deep into the sand. I took some pictures to mark this wonderful ride. The boys and girls I came across here were very friendly. I also took some pictures with them.

Yellow sandy beach
Yellow sandy beach
On the beach
Lonely bike
Girls on the rock

I thought I was the first biker ever to ride down here – the lost village of the lepers.

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