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Ta Lang – A Peaceful Countryside of Da Nang

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It was the fifth time I rode to Ta Lang village. All rides were filled with feelings and emotions, and so was last Saturday morning ride.

On the road to Ta Lang
The road to Ta lang

I rode along Cu De River through surprisingly beautiful villages Truong Dinh, Nam Yen and Pho Nam. The winding road ran through the fields of sugar cane, maize and rice and up and down the low hills.

The road to Ta Lang
Cu De river

After passing Pho Nam Bridge, I rode along the road with one side being the mountain and the other a beautiful river. I remembered when I rode alone on this mountain road for the first time, I felt somewhat adventurous, somewhat thrilled and somewhat terrified, but I liked that feeling and it remained the same for every ride I made to Ta Lang.

The road to Ta Lang

Ta Lang is a village of Co Tu ethnic people. The village has a Guol House (Communal House) where the local people would gather on special events of the village. The people here are very friendly. Ta Lang stream is the beginning of Cu De River. The stream whose water is very clear flows through rocks and stones like giant penjings created by the nature through millions of years. It is really a masterpiece of nature.

Ta Lang stream
Ta Lang stream
A giant penjing
Stream with giant rocks

The road to Ta Lang is suitable both for mountain bikers and for those who love taking photographs.

MTB is more comfortable!

Ta Lang is not far, just 35 km from Da Nang. Let’s bike to Ta Lang and don’t forget to bring with you a camera to take pictures of unforgettable scenes along the road.

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